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Baba Masanori :Will there be any film version of any of the books coming out any time soon? Hi Baba, Nothing in the pipeline so far, but we are keeping our fingers crossed! Michael and Stanley
Pirjo Mustonen, Finland :Just in the middle of `Dying to live` and wondering what means `THE END` in the end? Please, please don`t stop writing these. Surely there are still mysteries for Kubu - and Samantha - to investigate...
Rita levy :I love kubu. Being a (very) senior citizen I am encouraging you to write a 7th book quickly a fan_- Rita levy
Karla Kenyon :I have just discovered the Detective Kubu series and am now a total addict!!! However, I cannot find a list telling me the order of the volumes, and I would like to read them as they occur chronologically.
Kit :I love this series.I have wanted to visit Africa for many years and love the history that you put in the books as well as all the characters. Have read them all and wonder when the next one is coming out.Thanks.
Harry Back :I sent the following e-mail to Tantor Media today: I bought from you and thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in the Detective Kubu Mystery Series by Michael Stanley. I`m looking forward to the audiobook version of the third book in the series, Death of the Mantis. When is this audiobook scheduled to be released? I hope this helps.
Carolyn Saint-Denis from Canada :No question other than I hope you will keep on writing your Kubu series which I enjoy so much. Quite a feat to be able to write as a duet.The character and the setting come to life for me.
Kandy :Love your books. Thanks for introducing me to another land and culture. How I wish I could visit the many countries of Africa.
Bob Johnson :I`m really looking forward to the next Detective Kubu book. I`m aware (from the newsletters) you had to change publishers. Hopefully we will be involved in the adventures of Kubu again soon. :Hi there! I am looking for these two books in German language. Can you tell me if they are already published and where? (2011) The death of the Mantis (2013) Deadly harvest Many thanks Sandrina Einfeldt
Jane Sullivan :Do you choose quotes before each chapter or is this done by the editors? What language is Ha ka /ku/arro I,au!khweiten a: - hoaka which was taken from "Death of the Mantis" part IV?
Greg :Is an audio version of Death of the Mantis going to be released? If so, do you know when?
Dennis Jones :Is "Detective Kubu Investigates" going to be available in a paper form? I`m not big on electronic (Kindle) books. I`ve read the first four novels, and loved them. I hope the next one is coming fairly soon. Thanx.
Glenn Boyd :As I`m forced to buy e-books, it`s not always possible to find the chronological order books were published. Could you please tell me the correct order of your books: A Carrion of Death, Second Death of Goodluck Tinubu, Death of the Mantis, A Deadly Trade, Deadly Harvest, Detective Kubu Investigates. I`ve just discovered your books and wish to read them chronologically. Many thanks, Glenn
Carole - crime book club :Hi, real enjoyed your books but wonder how you write together and maintain a uniform style. A chapter each? Different sections each? One person writes a section and the other edits it? How do you do it? (I need to know this for my book club presentation) thanks Carole
Rakesh :Where are your books available in India? I am reading `A Deadly Trade` and I like the book. Rakesh
Marijana Schlumpf :Hello mr.Michael Stanley....I saw a cover on that a new Kubu mystery comin in 2013?
pat :What is the situation regarding the Bushmen today in Botswana? Are there really none left in the Kalahari as one of the characters in "Death of the Mantis" suggests?
Nancy K Hoke :I have loved the first two books in the Audible format. Why are the additional two titles not available? Excellent stories with wonderful characters. Thank you for a great series.
KubuFanDubai :Where does the kubu logo t-shirt come from? I would be happy to send you shots from various locations for the Hippo Gallery. Great books, looking forward to the next one!
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